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At we believe that daters must be fully responsible to choose their own potential partners so we don't prescribe who you should enter into a relationship with. We believe that you will find love, harmony and a compatible relationship if your dates have a good or excellent Matching Score using our Love Calculator which score is posted on each profile you visit. We in no way guarantee that you will find love & harmony. At this time it is impossible to be able to with 100% accuracy calculate the compatibility between two people. That is why our 4 step method of dating advises using the Love Calculator to filter matches initially. Thereafter by browsing through your search criteria and find people you are naturally attracted to and who also have a high Matching Score (more than +30 shown in green) should place you in prime position to find true love. We also suggest that you find 5 or 10 people you are attracted to, who also have a high Matching Score. You also need to realise that they may not be attracted to you so always "Say Hi" to your matches quickly and move to meet up in Step 3. Once you are in Step 4 please get to know all your matches as platonic friends first. So it is very important to "hangout" with all your matches at the same time. Your love life is your responsibility. The team at cannot take responsibility if your dates don't work out in the way you would like and remind you to take care of yourself and your emotions and don't enter into a relationship unless you are absolutely sure. Please spend some time for love. If you have any problems please contact us



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