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Find Someone Amazing

Step 1: Luvcalculator Search with Matching Score

Filter matches using the Luvcalculator and return to this step daily or weekly to see if there are any newbie's. Use the search function to find people you like the look of. On the profile of a person you like, you will be shown a Matching Score and if its displayed in Green and over 30 then you'd be good to add this person to your hotlist. If the Matching Score is displayed in Red and less than 30 you need to leave them to find someone compatible. Try to find 5 or more who have a good Matching Score to you. You have now selected people where the Love harmony between you is strongest but you are not sure if they like the look of your profile.

Step 2: Say "Hi"

Send a message saying "Hi" to all on your "Hotlist" and try to make a time to chat on video and arrange a meet up for a quick Tea or Coffee or other preferably non alcoholic drink. If your hotlisted match lives far away and it's not possible to meet up in person then try to do a few video chats. Some people are more shy than others so it's important to reassure them by suggesting to meet up in a public place for a quick meet up just 20-30 minutes and that it's an important step in the dating process. The team at Luvcalculator believe this is a vital step in any dating process.

Step 3: Meet Up

The idea of a quick tea or coffee is to break the ice and connect in real life. Some people put old pictures or write lies in their profiles. One persons pictures always showed a closed mouth, at the first meetup it was found that he didn't have any teeth. MTv made a series of TV shows called "Catfish"(hyperlink tv-show) You need to realise is that people you chat with online are not always who they state they are. You need to check you are talking to a real person, or the person who you think they are. Meeting someone for the first time can be an anxious moment so make it a quick 30 minute meet up and be open minded and friendly but realise that it's going to take a few meetings/hangouts to decide whether you might be "In Love". It is natural for either yourself or your match to have initial nervousness. This meet up is only to test that the person is genuine.

Step 4: Hang Outs

You've been through a process of sorting your "Hotlist". Now is the time to hangout together, perhaps invite them to meet your friends or do activities together in public places until you can trust them. Have some fun and in the process get to know all the people you have selected on step 4. This is where things start happening naturally. Some people say "You Just Know When You Fall In Love" but others have different descriptions. What you will experience is something out of this world but rest assured if you correctly navigated the first steps you will be amongst your best possible matches. Anyone of them could be "The One" but the only advice we can give is keep on hanging out with your matches until you are SURE!. Be honest with yourself & DON'T RUSH IT!

That Amazing person will appear before your eyes.



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